How to Address Your Guest Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Miss, Ms., or Mrs.?  Guest or guest?  Who’s name do I put first?  Is it different how do I address an envelope to a married couple versus unmarried couple? 

Addressing wedding invitation envelopes with proper etiquette is confusing, so many rules and you don’t want to offend anyone.  No worries!  Get my guide below to help you out.  And to the last question, yes it is different.

If I am designing your wedding invitations and you are still confused, I will take care of the etiquette for you!

Classic Wedding Invitation with Addressed Envelopes for Chicago Wedding at Galleria Marchetti by Emery Ann Design

Miss, Ms., and Mrs.

Miss is for a girl under the age of 18. Ms. is used for a unmarried woman or a married woman who keeps her maiden name. Mrs. for a married woman who takes her husband’s last name.  If you are unsure how a woman wants to be addressed, you could use Ms., but give them a phone call to find out what they prefer.  It’s much nicer.

No Abbreviations

Spell all words out except Mr., Ms., Mrs., and some Dr.  Also spell out address words such as North, South, Drive, Street, Apartment, etc.

Avoid Using Initials

If you don’t know the guest middle name, please let it out.

Over 18 Receives an Invitation

Children over the age of 18 should receive their individual invitation and so should those grandparents living with their children now.

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